It's My Time Vision Board Workshop


Our immersive Vision Board workshop is a way to sell your own ideas to yourself, to anchor to your dreams and to allow them to work in your life. 

It's more than just slapping pictures on poster board. It’s about first getting crystal clear on what you want, letting go of what’s in the way –and connecting with your dreams to design a vision that speaks to you. 

Immerse yourself in some “me” time designing your own board to take home and start attracting what you truly want in your personal and professional life! 

 *Customization available for corporate teams 

Getting Your Energy to Work for You!


 What would it do for you if everyone in your life were true leaders? What if you and the people in your family (your spouse, kids etc.) , your co-workers, and your friends were all leaders, instead of followers? 

Energy Leadership™ refers to both a particular and unique form of leadership, and also, literally, to the process of leading energy, so that it works for you rather than against you.

*Customization available for corporate teams

Nailed It: How to Set and Achieve Goals That Matter


If you find that you set goals and never achieve them then this workshop is for you. 

Just having a vision isn't going to cut it. 

In this workshop you'll get in the mindset to set bold and attainable goals that are for YOU and mean something for YOU. You'll get crystal clear on what it will take to get you to your goals, with a detailed and well thought out plan for how and when you will achieve them. 

Put your vision into action and finally get what you want and where you want to be in your life and career. 

**Pairs well with our Vision Board workshop**

*Customization available  for corporate teams